It's Summer! And since ya can't hide no more under mufflers and duffle coats, Realize brings you our first serious style shoot.  In fact, the real reason we do so is to prove a point - that at ANY age, all it takes is a little imagination and a bit of moxie, to make a style statement.  At this point in our lives, we should be free to dress as we damn well please and, if you're into style, that means rifling your closets, vintage stores, the racks from Barneys to Target and doing a mash-up.  Check it out!

And from the shaggy frontlines of hipster culture, we bring you a light-hearted documentary on BEquinox, a regional Burning Man festival held in Joshua Tree, California, this March.  Pint-sized, compard to the actual Burning Man - but it has the same wild mix of people and shenanigans, and the same blissed out vibe. 

If you missed our video interview with Dr. Bill Thomas, one of the Wall Street Journal's top 12 leaders in the field of 'retirement,' drop in on that: it's a fun and most surprising conversation.  And the question is ~ are you ready to be an Elder?? Read the Editor's Blog on GONZO ELDERHOOD.

On the Style beat, if you didn't already, check out these features from last month: a slideshow of Older Dudes in Hats and an awesome playlist based upon Charles Mingus's Goodbye Porkpie Hat, a tribute to legendary sax player Lester Young. 

Become part of a new cadre of steely-eyed 'elders' and let's rock the joint!!!

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Steam blown, ideas thrown, sins of no consequence confessed. Ideas tendered, opinions rendered, and an attempt to be brief, at some great cost to the editor.

A rambling meditation on the meaning of Home

Home. What is it? Refuge, padded cell, Architectural Digest theme park? The word home has multiple vectors, but I’ll take the Old English word ham - “dwelling, house, estate, village” - as a starting point because the duality of the term is at the core of my perambulations.  Home as residence. Home as locale.  Home is where the...

A Light-hearted Documentary about an Outrageous Gathering in the Desert

From the shaggy front lines of hipster culture, we bring you a light-hearted documentary on BEquinox, a regional Burning Man event held in Joshua Tree, CA.  Though smaller in scale, it has the same wild mix of people and shenanigans, and the same blissed-out vibe as Burning Man. More than a few Boomers.

Vintage + Modern Mash-up

Tired of not seeing models your age in fashion shoots?  Well, Realize took matters into our own hands to prove that women in fact get more stylish the older they get. We don’t have the keys to the showrooms that Vogue does, so Beatrice Novoa and I just rifled through our own closets and unleashed our restless imaginations.  

Jarmusch toys with the Original Renegades....

Jarmusch has a thing for renegades, and what character plays outside the law more than a Vampire? 

Refining his slightly morbid, slyly humorous vision, in Only Lovers Left Alive, Jim Jarmusch lures us into a singular universe of perpetual night, of timelessness, of history folding in upon itself, of love most tender. 

Recognized as a top innovator in the field of aging, Bill Thomas is a live wire!

Dr. Bill Thomas first appeared in my life as a Twitter follower of Realize Magazine. Following him back, I was surprised to find that the man had a book tour coming to LA in a few days. Before even knowing what exactly I was diving into, I managed to arrange an interview. I then hustled to download his book, devoured it in a few days, and realized that this man held...


What is Elderhood, but your big chance to be AUTHENTIC?
To let your Freak Flag fly. To come out of whatever closet you’re in.
Or if you’re already out - to spread the gospel of the True Self.
BUT - do you have what it takes to be an Elder?

Pat Hitchens inquires amongst her peers about the value of the Bucket...

In an online chat venue, I encountered a post to the effect that Every rational person should have a Bucket list.  But after chatting up the subject with a number of Realizers, I’d modify that to something like, Every rational person should have an opinion about a Bucket list.  The Internet opinionator probably equated making lists with doing...

and Finds a Unique Culture Intact Within the Term Bohemian...

My father was always proud of his Bohemian heritage.  When I was a child, I listened with fascination as he told how the Kingdom of Bohemia was a wealthy, culturally sophisticated and intellectually advanced country when parts of Europe were struggling out of the Dark Ages.  He explained that Czechoslovakia was comprised of Bohemia in the west, Moravia in the east, and Silesia in...

Decadence Never Looked so Good - The Great Beauty

Italians enjoy many unfair advantages over the rest of us: a rich history, marvelous food, a gentle climate, and a legacy of great art. Italian film makers have used these advantages to good effect, but seldom has the beauty of life, Italian style, been depicted more lavishly than in The Great Beauty, a new film by director Paolo Sorrentino. An academy award-winning spectacle set...

A Neophyte's Entry into the Soul of Buenos Aires, by Joan Gately Shapiro

In the great karmic unwrapping of the 3rd stage of my life, my daughter gave me the gift of the Tango.  She, my first born, who had ushered in family life,  parenthood and sheer panic, was clearly creating her own separate  life.  In her third year of law school she had decided to study Spanish intensively in Buenos Aires, Argentina.  She and a friend were renting an apartment for...

If you ain't wearin' one yet, time to reconsider!

Men who venture into the world hatless, have no clue what they're missing, or perhaps they assume they're saving themselves loss of face. Nothing could be farther from the truth! I've encounted many a fellow who is completely unaware of how hot he looks in hats. Or how elegant. Or how alluring, trendy,  jaunty, dashing, radical, charming, you name it, he looks in hats.  

Here is a small...

Is What You See All You Get?

There will be time, there will be time

To prepare a face to meet the faces that you meet.

T.S. Eliot, The Lovesong of J. Alfred Prufrock

Charles Mingus wrote Goodbye Porkpie Hat as a tribute to Lester Young, sax player and 'hep cat'


Architect Duncan Milne has inspired us to create a Contest. Got the guts?

Male or Female (humans only.)  We dare you to do it! 

Why? Why not?

Now Mr. Milne here is a truly adventurous sort.

So maybe you don't get quite that far out...

but we're looking for ORIGINAL! DARING! INVENTIVE!  

Our Food Editor Peggy Wolff's new anthology of Midwestern Writers on Food

Our beloved Food Editor’s new book is garnering rave reviews!  A sketch from the publisher:

“There is writing about food and then there is food writing which reflects life's joys and travails, people, places, and moments in time. Peggy Wolff’s new literary collection of memoirs and personal essays Fried Walleye and Cherry Pie offers up just that from the...

Ed Nicholson's "Encore" career, Project Healing Waters, performs miracles on riverbanks all over America.

I recently read a book called The Big Shift, by Marc Freedman, which I highly recommend for anyone looking to alter their idea of what it means to grow older in the 21st century, and learned that Freedman had founded a group called Encore, a non-profit organization “dedicated to supporting people whose “second acts” contribute to society’s greater good." Then in 2005, Encore...

Brenda Lewis LCSW and Ellary Eddy sat down in Manhattan to talk about Online Dating over 50

Herein lies a 30 minute interview (in three parts) conducted off the cuff, in Brenda's offices in Manhattan.  Brenda Lewis, if you don't already know, is Realize's very own relationship coach and has loads of experience helping clients over the age of 50 finesse the game of online dating. Whether you're already playing or not so happy with your current results, there's plenty to learn in the...