is changing the game

As a painter and photographer I've been told that I have a great eye. If true, I probably inherited it from my dad, who was a wonderful photographer, and my mum, who was a painter and owner of one of America’s first galleries of American crafts. If you like the look of Realize, (the aesthetic, and many of the photographs and...

Having swooned over her new book FRAGRANT, I was thrilled she accepted my invitation for an interview...

Short and sweet here, as the video says it all. Mandy Aftel is an alchemist, a literatteur and a fascinating woman.  Her new book Fragrant is a marvel, leading the reader through the remarkable history of our profound relationship with fragrance... Our talk wanders delightfully through the past and lands back in the present with Mandy demonstrating how to make one of her custom scents.  I was...

Sue Gelber, First Prize Winner Realize Writer's Contest!

I’m in love with an elderly basset hound. I don’t know his name – I’m not even sure he’s male – but I call him Ben. Ben the Basset Hound. I see him every morning, lumbering along the walking path behind our house. His daily pilgrimage usually takes place right when I’ve sat down to nurse a cup of coffee over the newspaper. Ben is mostly dark with a white patch on his belly and a big white...

Groundbreaking makes Noise, and Sonic Youth did, but then they built something very cool.

There are those that idolize Sonic Youth for the noise, for the dissonant, atonal, free-form stuff they created within the loose confines of the No Wave genre.  What I give you here, however, is a short list of some of their more accessible tunes - where they’ve consciously allowed some Pop into the mix.  But this is not music for the faint of heart.  Probably best heard live, like...

Kim Gordon's auto-biography: how, seemingly without trying, she wound up being a phenom in the world of Indie Music...
Gordon was originally drawn to visual art, but the boundaries of art were swelling and cracking and art school projects often morphed into bands. Though her first group was “an explosive mess, pure mayhem and caterwauling” and she knew it was a short-lived experiment, she discovered she loved performing.
The architect of Marlon Brando's Tahitian retreat returns to find Moorea is still Paradise

In 1970, as a young architect hired to design a hotel in French Polynesia, I found myself on Moorea, a high island an hour’s ferry ride from Tahiti.  Little did I know that I was about to embark on a journey that would alter my life, and that my future held hundreds of trips back to these captivating islands as well as a deep and rewarding friendship with Marlon Brando, with whom I worked...

The Revolution will be Televised
Alec Garland's Ex Machina hits all the right buttons. It's a thrilling tale, a provocative inquiry, and a gorgeously rendered, superbly acted movie.
Meritocracy in the Age of Intelligent Machines

 I for one welcome our new computer overlords. -- Ken Jennings, former Jeopardy champion

Or merely subjective

“Sleepy Dave” Stevens was hands down the most boring teacher at Williston Academy, a boys boarding school, the fall of my senior year, 1965. “Silly Putty” (aka “Herr Putnam”), our German teacher, was a close second, but “Sleepy Dave’s” 8:30 English class was where we boys learned how to feign attentiveness as we strained to fight the leaden weight of our eyelids, our heads bowed as though in...

You're never too old to throw one on..

Once again, Realize takes style matters into our own hands.  Moto jackets are all the rage… but Hello; we’ve been sporting them forever!  So we asked our contributors to girl up and get themselves photographed in their leather jackets: vintage, brand new or borrowed from boys.  There are as many ways to wear them as there are adaptations of them.  Get wild, ladies!

Risking Life and Limb, our Fearless Editrix rides and films the streets of Amsterdam.
Short and sweet here, since my video says it all; the best way to catch the vibe of Amsterdam is on TWO WHEELS!
One man's quest to keep wine clubs alive
When it comes to enjoying one of our favorite libations, Greg Klein prefers to keep tech out of the tasting experience.

I broke up with my girlfriend a while ago. It was very painful – we had different religious beliefs: she was an atheist and, at the time, I thought I was God.

Many years ago, I was a standup comic who mostly did weird little conceptual bits. I only had one joke – that one. It got good reactions, maybe because it takes a moment to decipher: “She’s an atheist, he thinks he’s God, so...

What the Amsterdammers know - video interviews

In the short week I spent in Amsterdam last autumn, I approached four Amsterdammers and asked them one simple question...  watch them respond.

Lovely, open people all.  I wonder, would I get the same reception in L.A.?  Well, maybe if I spoke Dutch...



Part 1: Our Genomes, Ourselves, Our Ancestors

Im an Addict

Exploring the science behind 'Grain Brain'

I wanted to believe Dr. Perlmutter; I really did.

My kitchen is the scene of ongoing dietary clashes between my cardiologist spouse and my 26-year-old paleo-enthusiast son. Our shelves are stocked with a schizophrenic mix of whey protein powder, low-fat granola, coconut oil, Ghee, and Greek yogurt.  Both of these guys can be quite persuasive. What’s a woman...

A photographer who makes you stop and think

I chose Santiago Vanegas as the first Saatchi artist to feature on Realize because, though I often find contemporary photography to be facile or hackneyed, his work forces me to stop and look, and look again.  Not only is his subject matter arresting, but his technique is stunning.  

An intimate video discussion with his friend and biographer, Barry Miles
Miles reveals a very different Burroughs than one would expect. What is commonly known about Burroughs is his wild, discursive writing style and the sensational homicide of his wife; what Miles brings to light is that while this event became a dark and visceral shadow for Burroughs, it also became an animating force, one which fueled his later writing career.
When childhood memories and imagination collide
The wonders of growing up never really leave us. Ricketts recalls her wondrous childhood on the shores of Lake Michigan.
And how sex and age play into the process

Like everyone on the planet over the age of 50, with the possible exception of the Unabomber, I’ve had more than a few romantic relationships. I was married for 11 years, engaged for one, partnered with a lovely woman for five, and had a few shorter dalliances along the way.

How painter Joni Wehrli conquers acrophobia swinging high in the air

When I learned a good friend of a good friend of mine, who happens to be well over 50, had been flying on a trapeze, weekly, over the past decade, I knew I had to witness it and then show the good readers of Realize that things you never thought possible at our age can be done with agility and grace.  Joni Wehrli gives us a voyeuristic thrill and talks about how the...

Recognized as a top innovator in the field of aging, Bill Thomas is a live wire!
BOOMERS ~ You got what it takes to be an Elder? Watch this video interview and find out. Dr. Bill Thomas, 'one of WSJ's top 12 innovators' changing the future of retirement talks with Realize Magazine's editor Ellary Eddy.
The Discreet Pleasures of the Male Female Friendship

I never looked to my father for advice about women when I was growing up. And I certainly didn’t after I left for college and my siblings described how our mother chased him around with a paring knife when she learned about his little fling with his secretary and he packed up and left. As an enthusiastic English major and lacking any advice to the contrary, I still held out hope...

Explorer Suzanne Klotz on her 20 treks and the cultures she discovered in a nearly unknown region of the Northwestern Indian Himalaya.

I’m often met with blank stares when I tell people that I’ve gone to India twenty times in the last twenty-two years.  In this age of lightning-paced innovation where newness is valued above all else, “been-there-done-that” is the motto and global travelers are always on the lookout for travel’s “next big thing.”  The thirst for thrill and one-off adventure is so unquenchable that...

So what’s on your list? Boomers, Bucket Lists and the Big Beyond
How did people start thinking of “buckets” in relation to death? The most popular theory is that it derived from the 1700’s, from the practice of standing a condemned person atop a bucket prior to tightening of the noose. Kick the bucket out from under the unfortunate, and – voila! Out of death is born a new metaphor.
A Jazz Drummer since the age of 16, Bobby Jospe tells his story. With a playlist of his 10 most influential Jazz Classics...

My journey into jazz began at a very early age in the 1950s.  My parents were Belgian and they both loved music. My father especially dug classical and jazz as well as music from other cultures. I grew up listening to Bach, Beethoven and Mahler but also to Armstrong, Ellington and Fitzgerald... and the list goes on.