Letter from the Editor:

Realize formally welcomes our new Managing Editor, Maranda Bodas!  Maranda has willingly joined the fray to put some serious muscle into our mission.  A recent graduate of Northwestern's Medill School of Journalism, Maranda brings some serious chops and charm to the game.

We've decided to run this show a bit more like a website and less like a traditional magazine, in short - instead of a monthly publishing schedule, we'll be adding new content nearly every day. And we're working at becoming a bigger presence on Facebook and Twitter (check out my week-end screed on why y'all oughtta be on Twitter:) 

This week we'll treat you to another segment, long overdue, of our 101 coolest words; 5 awesome words starting with N.  A story on the resurgence of Podcasts, and one on the new trend of Glamping - hate the name but love the idea of pine-scented breezes wafting over soft linens.

Please stay tuned and spread the word that Realize, the un-AARP, is on a tear into the hearts and minds of that generation that I would like to see renamed Generation B.  Aren’t you tired of that Boomer title, as well? Anyone with a better moniker, please send it along.

Become part of a new cadre of steely-eyed 'elders' and let's rock the joint!!!

Ignore the phone, not your friends
Today, millions of people have developed a Pavlovian response to the ringing in their pockets. They are reaching for their phones instead of reaching out to those right in front of them. Haig Hovaness explores how our ties to mobile devices could be weakening our ties to one another.
Would Olive Osculate?
From oops to oblivion, we explore some of our favorite "O" words. Join us for another edition of REALIZE Magazine's 101 Coolest Words.
A jazz, gospel and soul tour de force.
If you haven't checked out the latest from Gregory Porter, you are in for a treat. His third album, "Liquid Spirit," is a heady confluence of gospel, soul and jazz.
Because there are epiphanies

Somewhere in my forties, raising a kid at home and trying to keep an art career afloat, I came to the sobering realization that life is 90 percent maintenance. Now this is a percentage that varies of course, depending on the size and density of the flack field one is traversing, but I would peg that amount at rarely under 85 percent.

This dynamic duo brings you home with their first studio album
Listening to Johnnyswim’s first full-length album, “Diamonds,” is like experiencing the journey of a power couple on the rise—and I’m not talking about Beyoncé and Jay-Z.
Escape to Neverland (for grownups)
When it comes to escaping the "real world," these exotic adventures will have you wishing you could never grow up. From California to Florida, these glamorous camping (or glamping) destinations will serve as the perfect backdrop for your next fall or winter getaway.
Exploring the latest “get connected” trend

You’ve seen that little white bird in the little blue box everywhere, right? So do you click it? Maybe not, but we think you should. Just download the app or add it to your toolbar and join another level of conversation in our ever-connected world.

 Here are just 10 Tweet-able reasons to grab your @handle:

Radio programs are making a comeback, this time in the form of podcasts.
Commuters, road trippers, and radio enthusiasts rejoice: Podcasts are making a comeback. From car stereos and desktops to smartphones and iPods, access to audio stories is easier than ever. And even if you haven’t jumped on the NPR bandwagon, there are more than 20,000 unique shows to choose from.
Can one be a nihilist and still get good nookie?
From nookie to nihilism, we explore some of our favorite words starting with the letter 'N' in the latest installment of REALIZE Magazine's 101 Coolest Words.
'Gone Girl' casts a dark shadow over marriage and American society
Gillian Flynn’s bestseller, Gone Girl, now adapted for the screen, holds up a very dark mirror to modern America. This is an intricately structured suspense tale with wicked twists; rather than spoil the drama with plot details, we’ll focus on the cultural ramifications reflected in this disturbing tale.
Hilarious, Profound, Phenomenal
At the molten core of this magisterial comedy, Micheal Keaton is an erupting, centripetal force. He is volcanic in Birdman, spewing genius and madness across the screen, over the careening course of a two day period in the dank heart of Broadway.
How painter Joni Wehrli conquers acrophobia swinging high in the air

When I learned a good friend of a good friend of mine, who happens to be well over 50, had been flying on a trapeze, weekly, over the past decade, I knew I had to witness it and then show the good readers of Realize that things you never thought possible at our age can be done with agility and grace.  Joni Wehrli gives us a voyeuristic thrill and talks about how the...

Rage Against the Machine
Arguably the most superb actor on the planet at present, Gleeson turns his character into a robust and roiling personification of the meaning of faith.
Happy Hour Enlightenment in Berkeley California

A mathematician, an artist, a lawyer and an MBA walk into a bar…

The Unexpurgated Story from the Original Scroll Manuscript
The original scroll edition of On The Road lifts a veil of editorial concealment that was imposed on Kerouac to secure publication in the up-tight climate of the 1950s; all the roman-a-clef pseudonyms are gone. Jack is no longer Sal Paradise and Neal is no longer Dean Moriarty. Four-letter words are more abundant...
A rambling meditation on the meaning of Home
Jung said that our Home is a reflection of our inner self. The Editor of Realize Magazine takes a look at this, examining the deeper meanings of Home.
The Amish know their Daily Bread

The Amish love their wheat. Their lives are rooted to the grain’s cycle: the color of the emerald-green grass pushing up then staying dormant while every other grass has turned brown. In rural communities, the journey from wheat field to grain elevator to mill can be a quick turnaround—a good thing for those whose dinner table revolve around homemade bread.  

Consider this: Is What They See What They Get?

The number of people in the Realize demographic who are willing to sit on a barstool or wait for friends to dig up date possibilities, is shrinking as fast as the potential to meet new people online, from the comfort of your own home, swells. 

50 years on, a first kiss fumble morphs into storytelling touchdown.

A lone speaker walks up to a mike.  A spotlight glaring in her eyes, she faces the audience and opens her mouth. She may have note cards in her hands, or even a script of sorts, or she may have nothing at all.  Then, out comes a story.  Her story, personal, warts-and-all.  Shared with a roomful of strangers.

A Light-hearted Documentary about an Outrageous Gathering in the Desert
From the shaggy front lines of hipster culture, we bring you a light-hearted documentary on BEquinox, a regional Burning Man event held in Joshua Tree, CA. Though smaller in scale, it has the same wild mix of people and shenanigans, and the same blissed-out vibe as Burning Man. More than a few Boomers.
Vintage + Modern Mash-up
How to mix up vintage and modern, for hip women over 50. Tired of not seeing models your age in fashion shoots? Realize took matters into our own hands. We don’t have the keys to the showrooms that Vogue does, so we just rifled through our own closets and unleashed our restless imaginations.
Recognized as a top innovator in the field of aging, Bill Thomas is a live wire!
BOOMERS ~ You got what it takes to be an Elder? Watch this video interview and find out. Dr. Bill Thomas, 'one of WSJ's top 12 innovators' changing the future of retirement talks with Realize Magazine's editor Ellary Eddy.
Charles Mingus wrote Goodbye Porkpie Hat as a tribute to Lester Young, sax player and 'hep cat'


Realize sat down with the relationship therapist in Manhattan to talk about the virality of online dating
Herein lies a 30 minute interview (in three parts) conducted off the cuff, in Brenda's offices in Manhattan. Brenda Lewis, if you don't already know, is Realize's very own relationship coach and has loads of experience helping clients over the age of 50 finesse the game of online dating. Whether you're already playing or not so happy with your current results, there's plenty to learn in the...